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Are you looking for an oversized open concept form of living? Try a Warehouse! This particular warehouse is on the rail and in the heart of the Opportunity Zone & the Revitalized East End. Sandwiched between Art Studios and Galleries on one side and the other side by an extensive redevelopment project, this 13k plus square foot air conditioned oasis is your blank pallet. Having a big open space is perfect for creative inspiration. There is plenty of room to live and work within these walls. Open up the back wall to the parking lot and install some roll up doors and you will quickly have drive in access and a garage! Would you like to collect cars? Houston is the ArtCar capitol of the world and the car culture in Houston runs deep. The whole back half of this property is begging to be a showroom for an amazing car collection. Maybe your passion is music? A warehouse such as Harrisburg could be your acoustical dream venue. There is plenty of room for a sound stage, separate recording booths, Green rooms, and plenty of performance space! The point is that the possibilities are endless and you can put what you love in the space and it will have room to flourish and grow. Speaking of growing... The flat roof of warehouses are just more square footage of living space which can be utilized. This one on Harrisburg has had the roof replaced recently and it is ready to become a rooftop terrace. Plant gardens, install fountains, put in an outdoor kitchen, make your happy place a reality. 

Ready for your build out, create just the one or multiple living quarters. First floor airconditioned warehouse space is divided into two main sections. Multiple rooms including a cement safe room on ground floor are ready to become living quarters or office space. 2nd floor loft has plenty of room for abundant apartment. 2 baths down & 2 baths up. Kitchen space could be up, down, or both. Fire prevention sprinkler system throughout. Rooftop is ready to be built out into your outdoor dream space. Fully fenced back yard contains 24 parking spaces & w/ driveway gate. Formerly the Five & Dime in 1947 and most recently the Midas Touch jewelry & furniture store in 2015 among other things. Front door opens to direct access to the light rail. Call today to schedule a viewing & let your imagination run wild w/ possibilities.

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